How tos

The following pages are meant to help guide you through various aspects of the Flipside software, including making video and motion capture recordings, dressing your virtual sets, and more.

Watching content

Watch the immersive content creators share and subscribe to your favorite channels.

Subscribing to a channel

Watching a post

Motion and scene capture

Record your spatial content so you can watch it in VR and share it with the public.

How to make a motion capture recording

How to watch a motion capture recording

How to record multiple parts at the same time

How to add parts to an existing motion capture recording

How to manage your motion capture recordings

How to remix a post

Posting content to your channel

Your channel is your public profile. It’s where people can learn about you and watch your content. Set up your channel and share your spatial content with your audience.

Setting up and editing your channel

Publishing a post

Editing your post details

Recording and live streaming

Get your content out of VR to share with your 2D audience.

How to take photos in Flipside

How to record video in Flipside

How to live stream from Flipside

How to control OBS from Flipside

How to find your photos and videos

How to get content out of Flipside


Flipside comes with a camera system that lets your craft content for flat screens.

How to use cameras in Flipside

How to set up multiple cameras

How to use the camera switcher

How to adjust your camera settings

How to add post-processing effects

Show tools

Production tools to help you create.

How to use live monitors

How to use the teleprompter

How to use the slideshow

How to make and use stand-ins

How to use the desktop mirror

How to see the current time

How to use the spotlight

How to use actor marks

How to use the eye target prop

AI Script Creator


Choose the right character for your content. Select from our preloaded characters, use the Ready Player Me avatar creator, or make and import your own to use in Flipside.

How to embody characters

How to use facial expressions

How to use puppet mode

How to change your visibility

How to use Ready Player Me avatars in Flipside

How to create and import your own characters


Select or import the perfect scene.

How to use sets

How to move and scale a set

How to save multiple setups of a set

How to load different setups of a set

How to rename a setup of a set

How to create and import your own sets

AI Set Creator


Dress your set with everything you need.

How to add props to a set

How to grab and interact with props

How to resize props

How to change properties of a prop (gravity, etc)

How to delete a prop

How to draw your own props with the Magic Pencil

How to create and import your own props


Bring in sound effects, background tracks, or drive your character's lipsync.

Using the Audio Browser

Using the Audio Controller

Uploading your own audio files


Connect with other people! Add friends, create a project team, and join people in multiplayer sessions.

How to find and add friends

How to invite friends to collaborate over multiplayer

How to block someone

How to mute users in a multiplayer collaboration

How to create projects for asynchronous collaboration

How to add users to your project team

How to add characters, sets, and props to your project

How to share scripts with your project team

How to add slideshow links to your project


How to access the in-app help options

How to access the dashboard

How to use hand tracking

How to teleport around a scene

How to connect an external microphone

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