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Collaborate, reimagine, and engage with each other’s content like never before!

Create a Flipside channel and share your spatial recordings, animations, and interactive worlds. 

Browse and watch content by other Flipside Studio users and subscribe to your favorite channels! DM friends, remix creators’ posts, and build a fan base of subscribers as next-gen creators in social VR!

Flipside Studio Feature Highlights

Browse a public feed of Flipside content

Discover a world of creativity with our public feed! Browse through a diverse range of spatial recordings, animations, and other VR experiences created by our talented Flipside users for inspiration and collaboration.

Your public channel

It’s your Flipside channel! Post and share, gather subscribers, and follow other creators! It’s a place for you to share your creativity and be inspired by others.

Remix it!

Get inspired by other creators’ spatial recordings and creativity, and remix, remix, remix within Flipside Studio!

Follow your favorite creators

Subscribe to you favorite creator's channel and stay up-to-date with everything they post.

AI helpers

AI’s here to lend a helping hand! Generate scripts and sets to suit your every need.


Creating is better together! With Flipside Studio you can perform all the parts yourself or collaborate remotely. Working with up to nine users across the globe, you can bring your creation to life.

Versatile characters

Step into character! Flipside Studio supports a variety of characters. Pick from pre-loaded characters to act out your scenes or create your own custom characters. You can also create Ready Player Me avatars in Flipsdie Studio to add to your story!

Professional videos

Capture all your best angles! Create professional-looking videos of your spatial recordings in Flipside to expand your audience across social media platforms.

Create Ready Player Me characters

You can create your own Ready Player Me characters right in Flipside Studio. Add an endless number of characters that you customize to your content.

Private messaging for closer connections

Stay connected with your Flipside friends with the private messaging system. Chat, plan collaborations, or just catch up — making connections has never been easier.

Audio browser and controller

Bring your stories to life with the perfect soundtrack! The audio browser offers a built-in library full of music, voices, and sound effects. Plus, our audio controller lets you trigger these sounds in your recordings, including looping audio for musicians and powering your character’s voice.

Live stream or record your shows

With Flipside Studio, you can stream live or export videos to your favourite social media platforms! You’ve got big ideas - let’s capture them and share them with the world!


Customize all the things! You can customize props, sets, characters, and effects with the free Unity plug-in, Flipside Creator Tools. This allows you to truly customize your creations to share with your audience.

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Master Flipside Studio with help from our Learning Resources

There’s so much you can do with Flipside Studio. Discover what’s possible with the features included in the app! Get all the help with how-to’s and more in this section.

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Take it to the next level with Flipside Creator Tools

Use our Unity plugin to design and configure your own assets for use in Flipside Studio. Import your own sets, props, rigged characters, and more for a production that's uniquely you.

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